Acids in addition to Bases

As you continue eating, your food’s mixed with gastric acid and other digestive juices in your stomach. Food enters your stomach through a muscular ring, or sphincter, that closes to keep the food in your stomach and stomach acid out of your esophagus.

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It is the part of the gastrointestinal system between the mouth and the stomach. The part of the digestive system that connects the mouth to the stomach. A mixture of chemicals produces by cells in the stomach wall.

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  • Peristalsis concludes in the large intestine where water from the undigested food material is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Understand that such details could save a person’s life or limb at some point in time. Its wall also contains a mess of glands releasing alkaline mucus to neutralize highly acidic chyme received from stomach. Mouth mucosa is flat and smooth (excepting tongue) but, such is not the case for small intestine! Ileum comes from the Greek word, eilein, meaning to twist up tightly; the coiled ileum certainly gibes with its word root!

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What acid is present in stomach?

hydrochloric acid

gastric acid molecular formula definition and example of onomatopoeia

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