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In these cases, the baby will need increasingly higher doses that become less and less effective. One child I worked with was given reflux medication daily for the first three years of his life. Though he had been off this medication for three years by the time I met him at age six, he was stunted with delayed bone age and poor bone mineralization, growth failure, developmental and learning problems, and was unable to eat enough to sustain normal growth since eating was so uncomfortable.

Above all, she is on a one-woman campaign to highlight awareness of reflux, a condition where the contents of the stomach come back up into the gullet, causing a burning sensation due to the acid in the stomach contents, a situation exacerbated by the current practice of laying babies to sleep on their backs to avoid cot death. Scott-Wright, a former maternity nurse, whose book The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan is published this week, specialises in settling babies into a sleep routine. Herself a mother – and comfortingly, a grandmother – she understands the stress (aka psychopathic hysteria) that fretful nights can cause. Five weeks in, my own piteous cries had reached such a crescendo that a friend gave me the number of baby guru Alison Scott-Wright, apparently dubbed “The Magic Sleep Fairy” by her legion of grateful Mumsnet clients.

Try to hold your baby in an upright position over your shoulder to burp. Placing your baby in a sitting position when you burp him may make the reflux symptom worse. Hold your baby in an upright position during feeding time. Do not prop the bottle.

Colief® Infant Drops added to a baby’s usual milk greatly reduces the level of lactose by breaking it down into glucose and galactose before the baby is fed. Studies have shown that the hours of crying may be greatly reduced when a baby’s usual milk is treated with Colief®. Colic – no real true solution to the problem. you just have to wait it out. For my daughter We tried Avent bottles, Telament drops in her milk, some obscure Indian remedies, some western remedies, nothing REALLY worked, no silver bullet.

wow great article! well my baby is almost 2 months old and he is severely constipated. It all started suddenly after hep B vaccine at one month age. Thats what i noticed.

I guess I ruled out reflux because he doesn’t posit his milk but then again, he does throw up quite spectacularly on a fairly regular basis, especially when we gets really upset about the discomfort he is in. My little boy is one and we are dealing with the same issues – tonight didn’t get to sleep until 10.15pm after spending the last 3 hours crying and arching his back, arms and legs so he was stiff as a pencil.


I’ve read a lot of stuff online but I wanted to write a short blog as I know my website comes up with good google seo search and infomation so here’s my story about colic, reflux, small babies and challenging times, exhausting nights and so on. If you are like myself with limited family support around, it’s helpful to read some accurate helpful advice and it’s the internet which has proven more useful than my local GP. The Babocush has been used by many parents with babies suffering from colic and reflux, with amazing results – just take a look at this video showing how quickly your baby could settle on their new Babocush. Research has found that a temporary sensitivity to lactose is an important factor for many babies with colic.

The comfort milks are even thinner than normal formula and if anything will make the reflux symptoms worse because it’ll be even easier for the acid to rise up into the oesophagus. I have started my little girl on anti reflux milk and it’s magic in a tin!! Completely different baby.

Discomfort from a milk protein intolerance or allergy may also be partly responsible for your baby’s colic, though this is uncommon if crying or fussiness is the only symptom. Infant rice cereal can be added to either breast milk or formula as a thickening agent. Some doctors recommend this as another way to try to help reduce acid reflux episodes in babies with GERD.


The symptoms of reflux are hiccupping, spitting up and vomiting caused by muscle immaturity in new-born babies. As a result, this complaint tends to be resolved naturally as your baby’s digestive system matures. Your baby is healthy, well-fed, and wearing a clean diaper, yet she’s been crying for hours. All babies cry, but colicky babies cry more than usual. This can be really frustrating for parents, but the good news is that colic is temporary and you’re not alone.

This time round my little girl had it but at the moment through the day. I bought some Colief yesterday and was wondering if anyone has had success with it. I don’t want to keep Ivinghoe lots of different meds and formulas all the time so wanted to know before I start giving it. my oh is lactose intolerant,the gp said it’s not genetic but I’m wondering g if there is a link and perhaps my lo is too.

Colief for reflux or colic

He’s still struggling with wind but it’s only been 2 feeds so I’ll give it some time. She’s coming back on tue morning to see how he is. I’d agree with a previous poster, sounds like reflux, most commonly caused by an milk protein allergy.

But I have found it to be very helpful in identifying if there is an infectious trigger in the gut for this problem. It checks for helpful bacteria in the baby’s gut as well as some others that can trigger blood in stool or weaker digestion. The results can guide choices about probiotics or if a medication is needed to support the baby. Next – It’s my opinion the US should follow the example of other countries who wait longer to vaccinate infants, and who don’t give vaccines to pregnant women.

If you’d like more help with other tools, contact me to set up an appointment soon. possible milk protein intolerance, and possible gut infection from the vaccine. Hepatitis B shots are made with a strain of yeast called Saccharomyces cerevisae. While this is assumed benign for everyone, some infants do not seem to tolerate it well, especially when injected.

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