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The 1967 war began on the morning of June 5, when Israel launched a surprise attack on Egypt despite its own intelligence assessing that Egypt would not attack Israel. The fact remains that the land Israeli ‘occupied’ was never part of an independent state of Palestine. Even the verses you quote suggest that God will send them from the land, but nowhere does it say that the land will cease to belong to them. Those who did choose to live in Israel have the same rights as almost any citizen in any democracy. Griff Witte, “Carter: Hamas Ready To Live Beside Israel,” Washington Post, April 22, 2008.

Archer mentions Pam’s strength, and says she “might as well be green and half deaf. Len Trexler is an in-show reference to one of Malory’s past boyfriends. Cheryl’s grandfather being ‘dressed like a ghost’ is a mis-association with the standard   Ku Klux Klan  dress of a  hood and white robe  .

Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling: Krieger’s one-man play references this semi-autobiographical film by Richard Pryor. Project MKUltra: Slater’s asset is a product of this, the CIA’s scandal of mind-control experiments during the Cold War.

Yes, the Palestinians have really long accepted the two-state solution while Israel rejects it. That seems like a pretty reasonable thing, given the history of terrorist attacks from Gaza into Israel. The blockade was imposed a couple years after Israel withdrew, not immediately, and it was imposed due to terrorist attacks against Israel. Israel remained in control of Gaza’s borders, airspace, and territorial waters and implemented an illegal blockade to punish the civilian population.

Nancy Drew: During the mission briefing, Malory calls Archer “Mancy Drew” in reference to the fictional teenage female amateur detective. Sunset Boulevard ( : The episode opens with the body of Sterling Archer floating face down in a swimming pool of a Hollywood mansion with the following season narrative being told completely in flashbacks. Sklodowska corrects Lana on the term Bacterium, Lana replies with “Thanks, Jill Nye.” This is a reference to Bill Nye the Science Guy, who made educational science videos for kids. Archer refers to several powdered drinks (Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, Goofy Grape, Lefty Lemon) all from the Funny Face series introduce by Pilsbury in 1964 and a one-time competitor of Kool-Aid.

I’ll merely note that you have for a second time acknowledged that the US is not an impartial mediator in the conflict. Again, the fact is that Hamas has repeatedly since 2005 declared its willingness to accept a Palestinian state alongside Israel with the 1967 lines as a border. I fail to see how the importance of the theological argument of Jewish and Christian Zionists, which is as I’ve shown invalid even on its own terms, is not self-evident.

Archer calls the new cyborg version of Katya “R2-Double-D2”, a portmanteau of the droid R2D2 from Star Wars and double-D bra size. When the gang first encounters the mutineers, Ray yelling “get some!” is a reference to the first helicopter ride in Full Metal Jacket where the gunner is shooting women and children. Drake tells Lana to use Dramamine, the brand name of the motion sickness relief drug Dimenhydrinate.

Lauterpacht argued that Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem in 1967 was legally valid. Along Israel’s eastern front, Jordan’s artillery had opened fire and re-pounding civilian neighborhoods in Jerusalem, despite repeated warnings issued by Israel. act that Foreign Minister Abba Eban would characterize as the ring of the first shot of the war.

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