Der Steuersong

année 2001 (French) . ‘’.

The girls said themselves that Rocío had always been a member of “Las Ketchup”, but that had not appeared in the promo material or performances because she was pregnant. They released their second studio album, titled Un Blodymary.

After the 2002 election, the SPD steadily lost support in opinion polls. Many increasingly perceived Schröder’s Third Way program to be a dismantling of the German welfare state. Moreover, Germany’s high unemployment rate remained a serious problem for the government.

Syndicat National de l’Édition Phonographique. Retrieved on 24 January 2012.

Schröder sent forces to Kosovo and to Afghanistan as part of NATO operations. Until Schröder’s Chancellorship, German troops had not taken part in combat actions since World War II. With Germany having a long experience with terrorism itself, Schröder declared solidarity with the United States after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Der Steuersong (Las Kanzlern) – Radio Version

These parodies generated six hits in the Top 20 in Germany, and were also popular in Switzerland and Austria.

Retrieved on 24 January 2012. Discography Las Ketchup.


  • It was a shock for Germany and to the bookies which had predicted the song would bring home the first place trophy.
  • Many increasingly perceived Schröder’s Third Way program to be a dismantling of the German welfare state.
  • Adolf Hitler.

Retrieved on 24 January 2012. Brandt’s current hit, ‘Der Steuersong’ (The Tax Song) ridicules Chancellor Schröder for going back on promises he made during general elections in Germany. In the video to the song, a Schröder puppet sings about his plans to hike taxes on everything from alcohol to hair dye.

Their first single will be titled “Bloody Mary” like the name of the CD. This song was the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

But under Eurovision rules, this song, which has already sold over 480,000 copies, is not eligible for entry into the Eurovision competition. All songs in the contest must be completely original and not previously released. ‘The Tax Song’ is set to the music of ‘The Ketchup Song’ – a recent international hit by Spanish girl group, ‘Las Ketchup’. Discography Las Ketchup. ‘’.

Has there been a hugely successful German band on the charts, who then had a member go solo and have a huge chart career. The charts before 1971 (singles) and 1979 (album) will be added soon. I have just added the chart-run for the album-charts starting in 1979.

FLEETWOOD MAC 50 YEARS DON’T STOP 3 CD (Released November 16th (Hits)

Struck by the last German euro-ditty to win in 1982, ‘Ein Bisschen Frieden’ (A little Peace), Brandt’s entry is currently called ‘Noch Mehr Frieden’ (Still More Peace). Brandt, 30, whose daily political satire program ‘Die Gerd Show’ (The Gerd Show) on German radio has over 9.5 million listeners, will battle it out with other German hopefuls in a live broadcast in Kiel on January 7th where viewers will be able to vote for their preferred Eurovision entrant. The programme began in 1999, and was broadcast as a short daily comedy on various radio programmes. The most famous segments of these programmes were Elmar Brandt’s rewrites of well-known tunes with new, satirical lyrics, which he sang in an imitation of the voice of Gerhard Schröder, who at that time was Chancellor of Germany.

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