Diarrhea During Pregnancy: Causes, Dietary Changes And Home Remedies

Having dysentery while being pregnant requires specialist medical intervention. Dysentery is not the same as diarrhea.

Also eat bland, non-fatty foods. Avoid dairy products. After your scan, some women feel period type pains or tugging and pulling around their pelvis and the bottom of their stomach.

This is due to hormonal changes. Fainting happens if your brain is not getting enough blood and, therefore, not enough oxygen. Cramp is a sudden, sharp pain, usually in your calf muscles or feet.

There are a number of things that can cause diarrhea during the first trimester of pregnancy, most of which are short lived and not a cause for concern. Diarrhea coupled with nausea or vomiting will require preventative measures to avoid dehydration.

This includes if you have already been to hospital and are now at home. If you are below 12 weeks pregnant you should ring the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit for advice and support on 01642 854819. Your vaginal loss should not be itchy, have a strange smell to it or have an unusual colour. Some women also experience thrush during pregnancy, which may make them feel itchy and causes a lumpy creamy discharge. If you are sick you might find eating little and often more helpful then trying to tolerate three larger meals each day.

It is very useful to make sure you take your pregnancy notes with you any time you see your community midwife, GP or if you come to the hospital for any ultrasound scans or appointments. This is our record of the care you have recieved and will help us to ensure you recieve the best and most appropriate care we can offer. Some of the most common questions you might have about your health during pregnancy are discussed below.

upset stomach and diarrhea in early pregnancy

These symptoms may be a sign of pre-eclampsia (NICE 2016a, 2011) . Bleeding that’s different from your normal period, so lighter in flow or darker in colour than usual. This, with severe, persistent, one-sided pain in your tummy, may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy (RCOG 2016) .

The waters breaking is very likely to be the first sign of miscarriage caused by infection. Rather than meaning that a person is miscarrying, the loss of pregnancy symptoms could mean that their body is adapting well to the pregnancy. Many people experience bodily changes indicating their pregnancies, such as nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness.

upset stomach and diarrhea in early pregnancy

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