for acid reflux/GERD

The difference is, THC can make patients feel “high,” whereas CBD does not produce psychoactive effects. Marijuana can decrease pain, so GERD patients do not need to take pain medicine that irritates their stomach and esophagus. A Harvard Medical School review of several cannabinoid studies confirmed high-quality evidence to support the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain.

about 2 weeks ago i cut up 3 marijuana candies and swallowed then whole, as the taste was so disgusting. i had cramps for 2 days and i’ve felt sick to my stomach ever since. food looks gross to me so i barely eat. i have a constant metallic taste in my mouth ,often w. nausea.

I’ll elaborate on the hazards of these drugs in a moment, but first, let’s review a few gems from the medical literature. I have read extensive information and heard from trusted resources that the use of traditional western prescriptive/ over the counter medicines for acid reflux can potentially cause the body to overcompensate with more acid production when the medication is ceased. Your job is, then, to figure out for yourself what triggers your heartburn and what doesn’t.

“Some research indicates that it may be related to a genetic polymorphism in what we call the cytochrome P450 enzyme system, which is how we metabolize marijuana.” But there’s probably more to it than that. For one thing, patients suffering from CVS often compulsively bathe during vomiting episodes, perhaps because taking a hot bath or shower can reduce nausea in the short term. Glatter says it may be the case that hot showers “ameliorate the disequilibrium, and re-adjust the set point of the thermoregulatory system in the hypothalamus.” Another theory, he says, is that “heat dilates blood vessels in the skin and muscle” which in turn diverts blood flow away from the circulation system that supplies the gut and intestines. “When there is less blood flow to the gut and intestines, symptoms of nausea and vomiting are reduced,” adds Glatter. But, he admits, there isn’t a lot of research on this yet, and there’s a lot about it physicians don’t understand.

Does it really have any benefits to people with acid reflux? I’m not really sure, I think it helps me, but it may just be me thinking it helps. I have acid reflux too, it’s not very major but it hurts the shit out of my throat when it happens. When I smoke I notice my throat doesn’t hurt and I can tolerate acidic drinks more easily.

Before the study, researchers estimated that between 15 and 65 percent of people with asthma took PPIs to manage GERD symptoms and control severe asthma attacks. Due to the suspected ineffectiveness of these drugs, however, those with asthma may want to consider other medications to treat their condition. One possibility is that the repeated flow of stomach acid into the esophagus damages the lining of the throat and the airways to the lungs. This can lead to breathing difficulties as well as a persistent cough.

  • Used to happen real bad when l ate greasy fried foods.
  • And, medications like aspirin, muscle relaxants, and blood pressure regulators can irritate the throat and stomach linings.
  • The cause of acid reflux related symptoms is firmly rooted in the stomach.

Some studies show mental health impacts GI health. For example, studies of patients with gastric fistulas have shown anger increases stomach acidity.

in your result in and body acid reflux disorder episodes. Ragworms are Annelida that live largely in water.

The scientists behind the latest study, published in the journal Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, looked into CHS by examining a large sample of adults admitted to an emergency room in New York City. The researchers surveyed thousands of patients in an attempt to find only those who used marijuana frequently – at least 20 days per month – and ended up with 155 people who met their criteria. All of those individuals smoked nearly every day or multiple times a day, often for five years or more. There are many natural remedies for acid reflux that can say ‘boo’ to the problem, just like that! The the next time you or simply loved one has to using acid reflux chest pain, you will be going to prepared.

Let me make it clear that he didn’t sell it was purely non profit. I’ve heard both views; that weed makes acid reflux both better and worse.

Two years dairy free and now only take a Tumms every few months or so. Also helped my asthma.

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