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Keynote lecture, 12th Oklahoma-Kansas View and Decision Making Meeting, Manhattan, KS, April 2001. Key note lecture, second Siemens Knowledge Management Conference, Munich, May 2001. Western Science Foundation Workshop about Observation and Experiment in the Natural and Public Sciences, Bertinoro, September 2001. Conference on “The legislation and economics of illogical behavior”, George Mason College, Fairfax, VA, November 2002.

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Key note lecture, sixth International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, Pensacola, FL, May 2003. 3rd Summer Institute of Bounded Rationality in Psychology and Economics, Berlin, August, 2003.

Departments of Philosophy in addition to Computer Science, University regarding Quebec, Montreal, February the year 2003. From tools to hypotheses: Reflections within the “cognitive revolution” in psychology. Keynote spiel, Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior, Boston, May possibly 2004. Summer Institute for Bounded Rationality in Mindset and Economics, Jena, August 2005. Choices without trade-offs. Summer Institute for Bordered Rationality in Psychology in addition to Economics.

A 08 Ohio State University review applied statistical analysis to be able to Milgram’s data, researching which usually voltages were the important switching points in the experiment after which participants declined to offer further shocks. Within 2008 a Santa Albúmina University professor replicated a good altered version of the experiment to see whether people today still obey requests against their consciousness.

The fast and frugal way to near-optimal inference: Bounded rationality the Brunswikian way. The illusory grip of “cognitive illusions”: How you can improve statistical reasoning with out really trying. Symposium “Cognitive development beyond childhood: Knowledge and the pragmatics associated with life. ” Geneva, Sept 1996. Introducing satisficing versions of inference and how they affect our notions of sound reasoning and rationality.

First UVACHI Modeling and Simulation Conference, University of Va, Charlottesville, March 1998. Plenary address, Human Behavior and Evolution Society, University of California, Davis, July 1998.

  • Keynote Lecture, XXIV Total annual Colloquium, International Association regarding Research in Economic Mindset, Belgirate, Italy, July 1999.
  • Hoffrage, & the ABC Research Party, Simple heuristics in the social world (pp.
  • The Swiss Society of Systems Anatomist (SSSE) – The Swiss Chapter of INCOSE Information and news November 2012.
  • Initial Peter O’Farrell Lecture on Original Thinking in Investing and Finance.

The theme of the night time was “Gut Decisions plus Risk: The Importance of Intuition within Management”. For all those corporate companions of the Academic Society the workshop “The Art associated with Strategic Alignments” and the Academic Society’s annual conference took place in advance. These questions had been resolved at the Hermes Dinner 2016 taking place November 24 in the new DRIVE Forum of Volkswagen in Munich.

prof. dr. gerd gigerenzer bauchentscheidungen

Hoffrage, and the ABC Research Group, Simple heuristics in a new social world (pp. Stephen (Eds. ), 2018 AMA Winter Academic Conference: Adding paradigms in a planet where marketing Is just about everywhere, February 23-25, 2018, New Orleans, LA. From equipment to theories: Reflections about theory construction in cognitive psychology. Invited address, 14th Research Conference on Very subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making (SPUDM), Aix-en-Provence, 1993.

Information research and portfolio choice among bank customers and university students. Smirnakis (Eds. ), Advanced brain neuroimaging subjects in health and illness – Methods and apps (pp. The brain is usually not “as-if” – Taking stock from the neuroscientific approach on making decisions. Communicating Relative Risk Changes with Primary Risk: Presentation Format in addition to Numeracy Matter.

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Conference on “The character of preferences and their particular relation to choice”, Potsdam, April 2016. Surrogate science: Exactly how Fisher, Neyman-Pearson, and Bayes were transformed into typically the null ritual. Guest Behavioral Economic Insight Lecture (followed by a discussion along with Nassim Taleb). First Conference on Heuristics Revolution in Finance, Hertenstein, Switzerland, Mar 2017. Intractability and uncertainty: The limits of axiomatic rationality and the prospective of smart heuristics.

prof. dr. gerd gigerenzer bauchentscheidungen

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