January 2014

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The Patent Office, Private Bag X400, Pretoria, supplies copies associated with all patent and business mark documents at the NECROSIS FACTOR, numbered 2009/03432, dated 19/05/2009 which became void on 16/10/2010, still to pay to the

Marta Feuchtwanger from Independence Day Party simply by the Consulate General regarding Israel in Oregon, with a personal letter 391242 Marta Feuchtwanger with the particular President of German Tv set (WDR) von Tell(? ), at a Reception in the particular Beverly Hilton Lion in addition to Marta Feuchtwanger with Carl Sandburg as well as other friends inside Los Angeles, Nov

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1958 Biographic list of events in L. F. ‘s life (3 copies) Einege Aufsätze 1 envelope 40 letters plus 3 telegrams (to in addition to from) dated 10.


“On the Character of the German and the particular Nazis” Writer’s Congress: The particular Proceedings of the Meeting (photocopy) 257261 “On the particular Character of the German and the Nazis” Writer’s Congress: The Proceedings associated with the Conference held within October 1943. “On typically the Character of the German born as well as the Nazis: Report to be able to the Writers’ Congress” (typed, corr.

LF overview of Lania’s Typically the Darkest Hour Copies inside folder next 10 letters (to and from) went out with 3 May 1941 – 19 May 1942 (copies)

Edgar Pauels, Erika Pierstorff, Rolf Przybyllok, Thomas Rauch, Joachim Rger, Manfred… Five Tragedies of Sex by Honest Wedekind (intro and Essay by LF 390925 A few reasons France was doomed (Somewhere in France) simply by LF/PM, November 10-14, 1940 169150

  • 2003/08926, went out with 17/11/2003 which became void on 16/04/2012, owing to be able to the non-payment of the recommended
  • 3 words (to and from) out dated 7 July 1944 – 18 July 1944?
  • Big cat and Marta Feuchtwanger along with painter Ernest van dieser Leydenin his studio inside front of his artwork 413947
  • Noteworthy among the materials from Feuchtwanger’s life in Germany are usually the original manuscripts with regard to his novels Jud Süss and
  • von Hofe, Harold “Lion Feuchtwanger: The Writer as well as the Library” -Coranto 391521
  • in French, because well as reviews of adaptations of Feuchtwanger’s performs in various other languages.

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in French, because well as reviews regarding adaptations of Feuchtwanger’s functions in various other different languages. Memorial Library at USC, the International Feuchtwanger Community, and the artists’ residence House Aurora, the former Feuchtwanger

Marta Feuchtwanger Portraits at the Villa Auroa, also one along with “Otto” USC employee 391214 Marta Feuchtwanger with Eileen Ravid, Consul General of Israel, attached is the personal note 391212 Marta Feuchtwanger with Consul Basic of Israel and his wife 391206 Photo regarding Marta Feuchtwanger with friends on ship to Fresh York? MF correspondence along with other writers to free LF from internment camp 171623

“Lost in translation” LF with Stalin, Moskau 1937, in Exil by Anne Hartmann 433083 “Fate of Hebrew University depends on American assist, Warburg says”, Los Angeles Examiner 431749

1958 1 letter to Manfred George from LF went out with 8 June 1953 just one telegram 1956 1 letter from Henry Moe to LF dated 22 Dec. 3 letters (to and from) dated 26 Mar 1958 – 28 Mar 1958 1 letter to Kirsch from unknown proclaiming to be LF went out with 24 March “Lion Feuchtwanger zum Gedächtnis”- Aufbau, fourteen March 1969 10th wedding anniversary of LF’s death 171478

The Transformation associated with Jewish Consciousness in Nazi Germany as Reflected within the German Jewish Journal Der Morgen, Exile plus Emigre: A History from the Feuchtwanger Memorial Library at the University of Southern California” by Teri Scott 433074 “Feuchtwanger to Lecture with regard to Jewish Writers Club”, Jewish Daily Bulletin 431732 Large Literary Legacy of the particular 1920’s is Perpetuated: Marta Feuchtwanger recreates husband’s works- Detroit

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