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Besides the dependability of the products the many years of know-how plus the highly qualified MC workforce provide a competitive edge in international comparison regarding contractors and applicators. Typically the extensive reference list of accomplished bridge projects all more than the world with the particular help of MC is testament to this. Each bridge structure is distinctive and take note00 with unique care. Inspite of the existence regarding extensive regulations and specifications repair systems must always be matched to suit typically the project specific requirements. MC specialists assist local engineers, architects and planners about site providing solutions tailored to the project at hands.

A smooth plus pore-free surface coating was achieved. Around 100, 000kg of MC-RIM PW had been applied.

An additional advantage : especially in this area regarding application – may be the near white colour from the items. Intensive research at MC-Bauchemie has led to typically the development of mineral-based surface area protection systems that are risk-free, economic, easy to utilize and above all efficient and without any detrimental results on the water or the encircling environment.

To this conclusion sample areas were covered with standard surface safety systems and with Emcephob NanoPerm P. Just one year later a definite variation could be seen between two systems – in favour of the MC system. According to this excellent result the products from MC had been chosen to be taken in the repair and covering of the multi-storey vehicle park walls. Used were Nafufill KM 250 and Nafufill GTS, then Emcephob NanoPerm P was applied as the surface security. Emcephob NanoPerm P is hydrophobic and therefore extremely water-repellent and resistant, which renders it fit for use in splash zones and some other areas subjected to large water exposure. In addition it is also proof to frost and freeze-thaw salts and contains been licensed as flame resistant within building category B1, so that it is appropriate for use in projects strenuous higher fire protection because well.

Innovative high-performance concrete, based on silica technology, offers the diverse range of application opportunities meeting even higher requirements thanks to their unique attributes. Centrilit NC is fresh additive that has been developed using a ridotto crystalliser, which allows the manufacturing of a chemically resistant concrete with low rigidity. This is the precondition for extremely difficult concrete structures.

concrete in addition to 15, 602 tonnes regarding steel were used to be able to build this massive viaduct. The concrete works and structural skeleton were accomplished at the beginning of May 2007. For durable surface protection the modern day and tried-and-tested coating method Zentrifix F 92 has been applied. In the area of the bridge advantage beams and walkways MC-DUR 1200 VK and MC-DUR 2295 and also EmceColor-flex E/S and Zentrifix F92 were used. MC’s competitive border resulted in goods getting highly sought after in these construction projects; in need were both the standard products, high-grade concrete admixtures, concrete repair and safety systems, and special systems, particularly floor coatings.

The method consisted of thorough substrate preparation with large pressure water blasting, the particular repair of defected locations on internal concrete surfaces and the application regarding the MC-RIM system. Before the repair works commenced the contractor’s staff acquired comprehensive induction into the handling of the components by our technical specialists from MC Singapore. Roger Taylor owns the stately country estate Puttenham Priory near London, an old building which had deteriorated over the years and needed immediate repair.

Another important disadvantage is chalking behaviour, i. e. coating thickness loss as a new result of weathering. Dispersion coatings loose between 3 and 5 µm each year, which steadily decreases their protective effect.

With this the new surface protection from MC includes a much wider program scope in the constructing protection sector than standard systems. In the modern power grow construction for E. UPON Ruhrgas AG in Datteln and in the Dutch Maasvlakte/Rotterdam MC-PowerFlow as high end plasticizer, surface protection techniques and floor coverings through MC are being applied. And in house associated with the new administrative hq on the premises regarding the former Gruga arena Centrilit Fume SX for highstability concrete as well as other building goods from MC are getting used. Subterrainian transport likewise forms part of Essen’s infrastructure.

Apart from the main bridge the two tangible bridge connections on both sides of the lender of the Danube and a further 19 cement piers had to become erected. Reinforced steel structures such as bridges, tunnels and multi-storey car-parks are exposed to corrosive rotting processes caused by the particular presence of chlorides. Issue deterioration is not determined and halted in great time, costly rehabilitation becomes unavoidable. However, these days there is MC-KKS/B, a new and cost-efficient method for the repair and cathodic corrosion protection (CCP) of chloride exposed structures.

Danger regarding chloride penetration and pitting corrosion

From first stress analyses were carried out in purchase to determine the impact of extremely high humidity and wastewater gases upon the structural elements. The particular evaluation did not nevertheless identify any remarkable biochemical stresses.

In the repair regarding the water tanks with regard to the Severin II waterworks the operator decided to use this innovative surface safety system. 80 tons regarding MC-RIM PW came to be able to be used in this project.

Both systems guarantee a lasting effect and can be applied onto numerous different substrates – even against graffiti. Especially for prevention of graffiti about non-porous surfaces, like steel or plastic for example, a further system, called ‘Emcephob NanoWax’, has been produced.

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Effective safety of traffic surfaces can be provided by coating systems based on polymer bonded resins. The systems produced by MC-Bauchemie for underground car parks and MSCPs have stood long use in addition to meet the highest specifications in terms of weather-resistance, trafficability and substrate closing. MC offers innovative full systems utilising injection technologies, concrete repair and flooring coatings.

Having taken the peel opposition of flexible polyurethane coatings as its example, MC was able to show that it makes sense to possess added proofs of quality, and the method can be applied not just in the laboratory however in exercise too. To enable the particular peel resistance to become measured, MC developed the test device which successfully passed the practical analyze and delivered precise way of measuring results. Through the empirical comparison between laboratory effects and the minimum remove resistance of 1. 0 N/mm identified on the object in practice, it had been possible to derive yet another parameter for the analysis from the adhesion of a new coating system. Values in between 1. 4 and a couple of. 0 N/mm were identified in this way. These kinds of practical results showed the values correspond very closely using the values found inside the laboratory.

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