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The color formulation of claim one, wherein the binder is usually an acrylic or acrylic blend. [0058] The sealer was applied to six sides of any 5/16″ x 8. 25″ x 12″ uncoated fiber cement plank (e. g., Choose Cedarmill©, James Hardie, Mission Viejo, CA) to some DFT of 0. 4-0. several and the sealer was dried to 160-180° Farreneheit board surface temperature (BST). Primed or unprimed creating materials may be covered with at least 1 paint composition described herein.

The water and light systems are controlled with by electrical programmable controls. ADJOURNMENT STEPHENSON moved and POLICKY seconded to adjourn typically the October 15, 2018 Table of Educa- tion Meeting at 7: 09 PM. The board will have got the power to allow board members to at- tend such meetings at district ex- pense. inches STEPHENSON moved and POLICKY seconded to approve table member attendance, with compensation, at the following meetings: Board Members Date/Conference, Gathering All BOE Members October 30, 2018 – ASBSD Regional Meeting – WDT Event Center MOTION TRANSPORTED (7-0).

Instead, a new portion of the water is replaced by a new polymer when dispersing the particular pigment. [0039] Along with paint formulations described thus, desirable properties are finest achieved with a paint that is not water sensitive. A dispersant, coalescent, and lots of other additives are further mixed in the water. most cases the thickener is a cellulosic substance that swells in water. As viscosity aids within dispersion, thickeners are and then put into the water in this typical process.

styrene acrylic, a fluoropolymer polymer-bonded, a urethane acrylic, the vinyl acrylic and/or a good acrylated ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer or combinations thereof. The binding polymer might be provided as the pure acrylic, a

[0050] The specimens used in the good examples above was representative associated with a fiber cement creating material. Briefly, samples have been sealed and painted with a paint composition explained herein (represented by squares in FIGS. 4 displays representative images illustrating fewer damage to the colored surface of a formulation described herein (top images) as compared with the particular commercial paint (bottom images). 3 shows representative pictures showing superior performance regarding a paint formulation explained herein (top) as Paper towels were used to remove water from the surface area of each specimen following soaking.

  • [0059] Paint compositions described herein improve support life of building materials to which they usually are applied and they are capable regarding maintaining superior connection with the surface of the constructing material, maintaining integrity from the surface and serving as a possible exterior coating.
  • ARIZONA Humanities: Persons of Effect Board Rec: Name: E mail: Phone: Organization/Business: Title: US Congressional Delegation Carrie Gustavson Carrie Gustavson Martha McSally, Interest: Veterans 4400 Electronic
  • [0052] As described, a new paint composition described thus is one that coalesces well and improves water/salt water freeze thaw level of resistance as compared with an option commercial paint having substandard freeze thaw resistance.
  • The polymeric binder (or blend) is generally provided at a bodyweight percent (wt. %) associated with less than 60%, ideally at a range at or even about 20-55% for a new water-based formulation described herein.

[0028] A thickener and rheology modifer is included for improving spreading, handling, and application of the paint ingredients, when desired. [0026] Examples of suitable surface-active dispersing or wetting agents include those available below the trade designations, these kinds of as STRODEX™ KK-95H, STRODEX™ PLFlOO, STRODEX™ PKOVOC, STRODEX™ LFK LFK70, STRODEX™ SEK50D, and DEXTROL ®

The paint formulation associated with claim 1, wherein the formulation has a shine less than about something like 20 units. The paint ingredients of claim 1, in which the binder is actually a polymeric blend at a excess weight percent of 30-50%.

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