Probiotic Enema: Benefits, Research, Risks, and Instructions

5 Things You Need to Know About Coffee Enemas

About 50 years ago, Dr. Max Gerson discovered the importance of coffee enemas. Dr. Gerson has a long track record of curing a lot of terminal diseases.

There’s information out there that says you can do it once a week, twice a week. The thing with the coffee enema, regular saline enemas are just going to clean the bowels out. The coffee enema is going to clean the bowels, but get up higher to the liver and gall bladder. It’s a totally different effect and there’s people who do it two, three times a week and then you hear of people like at the Gerson Institute, when they’re dealing with a terminally ill person, they’ll get maybe two a day for weeks on end.

This is helpful for colonic healing, as the top layer of skin or mucous membrane is often ready to come off anyway, and can be loaded with toxins. So an enema is like cleaning the surface layer of the mucous membrane of the colon and perhaps the liver, as well. …as a matter of fact, in my research on enemas, I’ve discovered 17 different reasons that you may want to consider doing a coffee enema (many of these are expounded on in Dr. Wilson’s Coffee Enema article). Kareng – No haven’t worked cause of depression/anxiety, my colon is in tip top condition, the things is the enemas ARE addictive, I realised this years ago and its happened to others as well, I read online a lady who had been doing coffee enemas for almost 5 yrs, charlotte Gerson (Gerson Therapy) has been doing them daily for I think 30yrs, but anyway Ive stopped doing them now thank God. The reason I stopped eggs (I love eggs and one natural health doc told me eggs are very good for the liver – i.e. Choline, Glycine, B Vitamins etc., but could be problematic for gallbladder) The problem is not with Cholesterol itself but how my body deals with it, the gallbladder has become saturated with bile (Cholesterol/bile salts/sludge) possibly due to bile stasis, i know already that I have Gilberts syndrome and so a sluggish phase 2 liver detox which may have predisposed me to liver/gallbladder problems.

Cancer cells are already more alkaline than healthy cells and they need that high alkalinity to survive and thrive. Alkalinity actually promotes glycolysis in cancer cells and promotes malignant transformation. But to have any alkaline effect on the body the baking soda would first have to survive the stomach acid, which neutralizes the baking soda forming carbonic acid, and sodium chloride that can induce acidosis. I could go on and on with examples of health quackery being repeated on the internet by people who never took the time to research the chemistry or how the body really works. Will any of the above ever have real evidence to prove otherwise?

Hopefully coffee enema shall be exception. And i hope to write back as soon as i have tried it. Interestingly, Triphala works well if it is combined with other chi, blood or yang-warming tonic Ayurvedic herbs such as ginseng for chi tonification, tang kuei for blood tonification and aconite for yang tonification. Since coffee enemas would also be considered “yang” inducing, Triphala would be a good one to combine with your enema protocol.

  • More importantly, we want to look at the gall bladder.
  • You may also feel shaky or experience heart palpitations as a side effect of the caffeine.
  • Coffee enemas may be most dangerous when someone is allergic to coffee, and although rare, this should always be ruled out before an enema is performed.
  • I am actually not a Gerson patient.
  • I’d personally rather just save a grand and take a dump afterwards.

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On subject …alkaline or acidic …BALANCE !. We have stated numorous times about blood level remaining at 7.4 yet you state hyperventilating raises that causing issues (yes James I could list but why?) So you say ph lvl cannot change yet turn right around and say it can ??.

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published in Clinical Nutrition Research concluded that coffee enemas are a possible way to prep the bowel without negative side effects. However, more study is needed before coffee enemas are routinely recommended for bowel prep. There aren’t any official medical guidelines about who should get a coffee enema.

They are well known for their cleansing properties and it is a process that is simple. Probiotic enemas involve injecting a solution containing probiotics through your rectum and into your colon. This type of enema is becoming a popular alternative remedy for weight loss, gut health, immune system support, and some diseases of the digestive tract.

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