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Pennsylvania Journal of the past and Biography 100, no . 3 (July: 314-335. Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 140, no. 1 (January: 83-101. Va Magazine of the past and Biography 122, number 2 (: 156-181. “Kennedy and the particular Cold War Imbroglio: The particular Case of Algeria’s Independence”. “The Spy Case associated with AP Correspondent William Oatis: A Muddled Victim/Hero Misconception of the Cold War”.

International Journal of Brains and CounterIntelligence 1, zero. 1 (Spring: 1-27. Record of Middle East Ladies Studies 4, no. three or more (Fall: 58-88.

TVA’: Grass-Roots Development, David Lilienthal, as well as the Rise and Fall of the Tennessee Valley Authority being a Symbol regarding U. S. “Soviet Amas and Western Bugging regarding Opponents’ Diplomatic Premises during the Early Cold War”.

Michael D’Antonio

“The Cold War, the Developing World, and the particular Creation in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), 1953-1957”. Montana: The Magazine of Western History 64, zero. 2 (Summer: 46-62.

“Allied Special Forces in addition to Prisoner of War Recovery Operations in Europe, 1944-1945”. “Conflict or Community?: America and Argentina’s Admission to the United Nations”. “Diplomatic Spouses: The Politics of Domesticity and the ‘Social Game’ in the U. S. “Embracing Regime Change in War: American Foreign Policy and the 1963 Coup d’etat in Baghdad”. “After typically the Colby Note: The Pat Administration and the Polish-Bolshevik War”.

Meters Pennuto

“Architects associated with a Masquerade Peace: The United States and the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games”. “Preserving the Status Quo: Britain, the United Claims, and Bolivian Tin, 1946-56”. “The Quiet War: Fight Operations along the Korean language Demilitarized Zone, 1966-1969″. The particular United States and the Deployment of Korean Soldiers in Vietnam, 1965-1969”. “The Origins and Progress associated with U. S. -Mexican Industry, 1825-1884: ‘Hoc opus, hic labor est'”.

“Flaws within the Nuremberg Legacy: A great Impediment to International War Crimes Tribunals’ Prosecution of Crimes against Humanity”. “Immigration Law and Improvised Coverage in the Making of Essential Adoption, 1948-1961″.

“‘A Fine Young Revolution’: The United States and the Fascist Revolution in Italy, 1919-1925”. “Pushed for the Front: The Foreign Assistance Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1958-1971”. “The Roosevelt Management and the United Nations: Re-Creation or Rejection associated with the League Experience? inch. “Untapped Resources: Private Promises and Private Legislation in the Records of typically the U. S.

“Cold Conflict under the Ice: The Army’s Bid for a Long range Nuclear Role, 1959-1963”. “Massacre at No Gun Ri?: American Military Policy toward Civilian Refugees through the Korean language War”. “Grand Strategy, Power Politics, and China’s Plan toward the United Says in the 1960s”. “The United States, Algeria, and the particular Fall of the Next French Republic”. Virginia Journal of History and Biography 100, no. 3 (July: 399-428.

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“Anti-Zionism in a Key United States Diplomat: Loy Henderson in late World Battle II”. “‘A Billion Dillar Racket’: America, South Vietnam, and Global Currency Manipulation during War, 1968-9”. “Transatlantic Relations at a Time When ‘More Flags’ Meant ‘No European Flags’: The United States’ War in South-East Asia and its European Allies, 1964-8”. “Foreign Policy Combination: Liberal Interventionists, Conservative Nationalists and Neoconservatives: The New Alliance Dominating the U. T.

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