University of Idaho – Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

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STOCK, Molly W.; 1974-2006; Professor Emeritus of Forest Resources and Computer Science. SCOTT, J. Michael; 1986-2011; Professor Emeritus of Fish and Wildlife Sciences. REESE, Kerry P.; 1984-2014; Professor Emeritus of Fish and Wildlife Sciences and Department Head Emeritus. PETERSON, Charles L.; 1973-2006; Professor Emeritus of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. PEAVY, Howard; 1993-2010; Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Associate Dean Emeritus.

BROCKWAY, Charles E.; 1965-1998; Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Engineering and Civil Engineering. BRANNON, Ernest L.; 1988-2002; Professor Emeritus of Fishery Resources and Animal Science. BILLER, Ernest F.; 1991-2012; Professor Emeritus of Adult, Career, and Technology Education. COLLEGE OF MUSIC MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer Visits the College

JOHNSON, Maurice E.; 1958-1994; Extension Professor and Adjunct Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences Emeritus. JENSEN, Alfred W.; 1969-1999; Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures. HAUTALA, Robert; 1983-1999; Professor of Mining Engineering and Associate Dean Emeritus. HATHAWAY, Cecil W.; 1955-1991; Professor Civil Engineering and Director of Engineering Outreach Emeritus. HATCH, Charles R.; 1973-2007; Professor Emeritus of Forest Resources and Vice President Emeritus.

BAIRD, Dennis W.; 1974-2007; Social Science Librarian Emeritus with rank of Professor. ABRAHAM, Terry P.; 1984-2005; Head Emeritus, Department of Special Collections and Archives in the University Library, with rank of Professor.

Michael Rosensteel has been our artistic director since 2012 and avidly cultivates passion, imagination and

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EHRENREICH, John H.; 1971-1999; Professor Emeritus of International Forest and Range Resources. EDMISON, Glenn A.; 1984-1998; Professor Emeritus of Adult, Counselor, and Technology Education. DAWSON, Jack L.; 1982-2008; Professor Emeritus of Education and Dean Emeritus. BROWN, Bradford D.; 1975-2012; Professor Emeritus of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences.

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MURRAY, Glen A.; 1967-1999; Professor Emeritus of Agronomy and Crop Physiology. MILLER, Bruce L.; 1986-2012; Professor Emeritus of Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry. MCIVER, John K.; 2008-2016; Professor Emeritus in Physics and Vice President Emeritus. MAKI, Gary; 1969-2009; Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of CAMBR Emeritus. LATHEN, Calvin W.; 1967-2003; Professor Emeritus of Recreation and Director Emeritus.

WEST, Joan M.; 1981-2009; Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French). WEST, Dennis D.; 1979-2009; Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures (Spanish). VOORHEES, Jack R.; 1969-1975; Professor of Naval Science and Department Head Emeritus. TROTTER, Thomas V.; 1990-2012; Professor Emeritus of Counseling and School Psychology.

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