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The family has been official supplier to the German Basketball Federation since FOTO: SEYDEL The Sauvignon blanc dry won the Grand Gold award at the 2011 international wine competition Vinitaly in Verona. With its Dornfelder dry, the estate exhibited the winning wine in its category at the State wine competition. For the Anselmann family, it is a cause for great celebration, for you, we hope, a reason to be curious about our exceptional wines. FEDERAL PRIZE OF HONOUR 2011 In 2011, following sensational awards they received in previous years, the Anselmann family were awarded two Federal Prizes of Honour simultaneously!

Anjou (Loire, France) From wine-searcher.com: Anjou is the wine-growing district around the city of Angers, in the western Loire Valley in France. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy, including cookie policy.

A parent s guide to hosting a children s birthday party www.a-starsports.co.uk As professional party organisers, we re often asked for our handy tips and hints on how to create the most memorable, enjoyable Introduction The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) will be holding its 141st Annual Conference in Berlin from Sunday, 13th September This evening enjoy a Welcome dinner with wine and music entertainment in an area gasthaus.

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Vegan Recipes and Vegan Wine Pairing Ideas for Veganuary and Beyond In 2003 the European Press Ball was supplied with wines and also the German Television Awards Ceremony.

The estate became a member of “Palatinate Marketing” an organisation dedicated to the marketing of products typical for the region. Rainer Bruederle, presented the award to the family through the “Intervitis” in Stuttgart.

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Werner Anselmann Estate – excellence in the Palatinate | Meiningers Wine Business International THE WINTERTIME Paralympic Games 2006 in Sestriere/Italy were supported by the Anselmann estate in the form of a wine tasting at the “German House” that was attended by the German Federal President, Horst Köhler. The Anselmann estate in addition has shown this commitment internationally as official partner of the German houses at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, Peking and in 2012 in London.

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In 2010 2010, the household received the Bundesehrenpreis in Gold [German Award] by the Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection, in addition to the title “Winemaker of the Year”, that is awarded by the DLG, the German Agricultural Society. International and national awards impressively confirm the quality of the Anselmann wines. The Anselmann family own 130 hectares of vineyards in the Pfalz (aka Palatinate) region of Germany and also have a heritage in your community that may be documented dating back to the first 12th century. Cool Reds: our guide to the very best red wines for chilling come early july Anselmann – Germany – Explore – Discovery – Home – The Wine Society

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