What You Should Know About Dairy and Acid Reflux

If I eat now four hours later the food is sitting heavy in my stomach. I burp repeatedly all day. And if I fall asleep after eating before 4hours i’ll wake up choking. I dnt know what to do since I dont have medical card.

He also said my father is a prime example of someone who probably had reflux for many years and that he’d developed changes in the esophagus that eventually turned into cancer and killed him. Common H-2 blockers like Pepcid AC and similar medications reduce the production of stomach acid but can cause headaches, constipation, and nausea. Proton pump inhibitors, meanwhile, have been linked to infections, bone fractures, vitamin B12 deficiency, and, ironically, an increased risk of stomach cancer.

I wish these problems were better understood. But what I can tell you is based on extensive self-experimentation and working with personal clients when someone reports any of the problems above, there is a high chance they have low stomach acid. Bloating and farting following a meal could be explained by several problems. One of these is bacterial overgrowth in the stomach or upper small intestine. Lower acid levels would contribute to this by allowing these bacteria to live in the stomach or upper intestine.

Many of the medical community are doing such a disservice to people. If I had continued their treatment I would probably have ended up in the hospital or worse. Bless my regular family MD though who is now recommending that some of her patients try it.

The Theory That Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth Causes GERD

Your digestive tract needs your support. Sitting up straight helps the food sweep through and promotes healthy digestion. When you lie down after a meal (which I know can be tempting), you can often experience acid reflux or regurgitate your food. Your esophageal sphincter holds the food and acid down.

Whelp – that sums up 5 hidden causes of heartburn and reflux.

Turns out if you experience marked elevations in your blood sugar, your LES is more likely to relax (called transient lower esophageal sphincter relaxation or TLESRs). As explained above, a relaxed (open) LES allows acid to splash where it shouldn’t; into the esophagus. Full disclosure – this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. You’re encouraged to discuss these and other potential causes of heartburn or reflux with your medical provider.

These are some of my favorite tools for lowering stress so I can rest and digest! Even if your gut health is stellar, tools such as EFT and meditation will help you greatly in many ways. You’ll manage stress better, you’ll have less anxiety, your sleep will improve and you’ll be better at staying calm and focused in stressful situations. When it comes to gut inflammation I believe that stress is the root cause. Stress creates inflammation and often starts in the gut.

Yesterday I got on the Internet to look up this problem, and that is where I read about too low gastric acid. That is exactly what I think I have, so I did not take my prevacid this morning. I drank lemon water and took some digestive aid, and I have had no acid reflux today.

Can people have reflux/GERD with out it burning in their chest and throat? I am very careful to not over eat as well. I notice it is not anywhere near as bad if i am eating a no grain meal, versus a meal with starch/grains. But it still happens with bone broth soups, steak and salad, etc. Your website is so important.

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